PhotoVoices in Healthcare

A picture is worth a thousand words. CERiA in collaboration with University of Delaware and Yale University, conducted a photovoice project to hear the voice of the unheard. The term PHOTOVOICE coins the idea of using photographs to voice people’s concerns. With cameras in their hands, key population groups vulnerable to HIV and People Living with HIV (PLWH) share their stories through photographs and narratives. Each and every photo displayed here has an in-depth message to share.

The key population groups have captured their own particular point of view and the way they have seen their world. The wide display of photographs will take all of us on a journey where the unheard will gain a voice. Each photo seeks the answers to ‘what makes them happy and sad’, ‘what challenges they face’, and ‘what they wish the clinicians to know about them’. We hope, the messages through the photos will reach people from all walks of life and influence the policy-makers to bring in positive changes. This work was possible with funding support from National Institute of Health (NIH). US: R34MH124390