Malaysian AIDS Council: Good Practices Of Civil Society Organisations In The National HIV Response

Project Timeline

2018 – 2020

A case documentation on good practice values of civil society organisations (CSOs) in HIV response was carried out by the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), with the aim to showcase how CSOs that have been traditionally depending on the Ministry of Health (MOH) as the main donor have potentially increased the organisation’s sustainability by exploring alternative approaches for HIV funding. Over-reliance on a single donor is unsustainable for long-term impact. The compilation of good practices can be adopted by the local CSOs and government agencies as an advocacy tool for sustainable HIV funding. For this purpose, two CSOs which have demonstrated adding significant value in the country’s HIV response were selected. The CSOs are Sarawak AIDS Concern Society (SACS) and Komuniti Intervensi Dadah (KOMITED) Malaysia.

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